Monday, March 16, 2009

Candace Parker is Having a Baby! Cool!

Candace CP 3 Parker is having a baby! Cool! Cool! Cool! Congrats on the great season! Congrats on the degree! Congrats on the nuptials! Congrats! And May the God (IAM) richly bless you, your husband and new addition.
Now that I got that out of the way I kinda ticked off at the way AOL presented the story. The AOL story begins with Roger Federer and his new baby as well as the fact that he is married "Now"! Of course this is celebrated! But as the article points out Candace Parker, The Los Angeles Sparks Forward is also married but had to be at least three months along when she and her husband Mr. Shelden Williams got hitched.
So What! Mrs. Parker Williams is a grown azz woman who earned a college degree from the University of Tennessee and is in the 1st year of a Master's degree when she won her Championship during the last Tennessee run. So, you can keep all that shame bull ish to yourself! She has nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing! And if she has anything that she feels uneasy about that's between her family, her Husband and her God! It ain't to be judged by anyone else. She chose to get married! She didn't have to.

Is Candace Parker a role model? Hell, yeah! And she's a damn good one too. Name me one role model besides Jesus of Nazareth that you can look up to without finding anything imperfect? Exactly! She's educated! She's degreed when so many Male athletes with half her talent leave college without a degree and have multiple babies with multiple sistahs and ain't thinking about taking near one of them down the aisle.
Candace Parker and most athletes and public figures step up and try to be good role models and citizens but they owe you nothing! Nothing, except to show up to work and perform! Anything else is extra and God Bless them for it!
Again, the hypocrisy must end! Go ahead Candace! God Bless! Now, do some Yoga and hit the weights and when baby comes be ready to play for the Sparks!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Kim said...

I like Candace Parker and I say thank goodness she did marry.. A lot folks don't feel you have to be but I DO(pun intended) I appreciate that Mr.Williams HONORED her. She's beautiful! Hope the baby looks like her.

Miss.Stefanie said...


Anonymous said...

i wonder what theyr kids r gonna look lkike
i think she is pretty but as for her faincee ehhhh l0l

Sexkitten said...

I agree with you, Jaycee. What shame? It's her life! I don't know what's wrong with some people trying to place their standards on others.

I for one admire her greatly.

Mista Jaycee said...

It just pissed me off they way they told the article. What if you and your boyfriend/Girlfriend are planning to marry after college. It doesn't mean that you two are not having sex. She may have been having sex all through college or longer and so was he but because she got pregnant and they were planning to get married they decided to elope instead of waiting til she was as big as a house to walk down the ailse. What gets me is that the Sparks general manager seems to have a problem with it. Well, Ladies can get pregnant so since it's the W NBA then all general managers will have to deal with that at one time or another and guess what they will not all be married. Dig?

Daisy said...


Odds and Sods - Funhouse edition

Anonymous said...

Why did she not change her last name ?

But her husband is ugly .....

l0l !

realli ugly...... but the baby is cute !

Candace is sexi !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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