Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A New Letter From Albert T. Clown!

I think this is that nice Lil Kim Backstage at Dancing with the Stars! No! Well, she's cute ain't she?

Dear Mista Jaycee,
I have kept abreast of your recent struggles with Coca Cola and carbonated beverages. I find it interesting that you show such weakness while continuing your life as a raging Clownophobe!
I'm Sorry, That wasn't very nice was it? Let's start over. Shake on it K! Oh, come on Mista Jaycee it was just a Joy buzzer! Let's be friends! In the interests of goodwill I figured that a little education into the Children's Professional Community of which Clowns are a small but integral part would be a worthwhile undertaking for a professional such as myself. Enclosed are pictures of some of our newest practitioners in the art of Children's Entertainment. Let's let bygones be bygones! Clowns aren't scary! Come on say it with me! Clowns aren't Scary! Clowns are our Friends!
Michael Steele, a long time practitioner in the art of the Clown recently took over as the first Afrikan American Head of the Republican Party! Truly this is diversity at it's finest!
Afrikan American/Clown/Republican/
Now's that's Diversity!
Ms. March in the most recent issue of Honk Magazine! Look at the nose on her!

Oooh! I got a preview of Ms. June! Honk! Honk!
Come on Mista Jaycee! I know that you would love for Ms. June to spray you with her flower!
Good Luck Staying off Coca Cola!
Love You!
Albert T. Clown


Miss.Stefanie said...


Mista Jaycee said...

Albert is an EVIL Clown Thing! He will be dealt with. Clowns Ewww!
Honk Magazine? Ewww! Who reads that?