Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dark Knight Returns!

Alburn University alum, retired NBA perennial all star power forward, social Critic and NBA commentator Sir Charles The Round Mound of Rebound Barkley just gave us another reason why we Luuuuuuuve him!

Sir Charles paid waiter Christian Abate's college tuition at Temple University! When he asked the unsuspecting waiter if he wanted him to do that, the waiter speechless was told he had the length of Barkley's meal to decide. It didn't take long! Smart kid, way to go Temple! Smart Kid!

Chuck, today dude, here's to you and thank God that he blessed you to be able to do it! For that you get an atta boy and you can play two rounds of golf. Oh, by the way Chuck, we need a sequel to Godzilla versus Barkley!

Work on that huh!
Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!


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