Thursday, July 31, 2008

House Formally issues Slavery Apology!

You kidnapped, raped, purchased, tricked, and murdered people. You committed Genocide and created an institution called Chattel Slavery that had never even existed in the history of the planet. You tortured, brainwashed and mutilated! You sold children of your own race into slavery simply because they were orphans and lied to them saying they were mulattoes! You sold and ignored your very own seed!

You and your ancestors pillaged an entire continent, looting it for its mineral wealth, you built up equity by insuring humans as you would a farm or a chicken. You erased any family history, religious tradition and ancestral names! You taught a perverted, corrupted version of religion to an already damaged, abused people.

But you're sorry!

Your ancestors created a system of racial apartheid that lasted two hundred years more than the four hundred years of bondage! Again, you falsely imprisoned, murdered, raped, cheated, denied education, the right to worship freely, the freedom to assemble, taxation without representation and the denied the right to vote. You even denied an entire people the right to have a birth certificate! Or to be buried in dignity!

But hey you're sorry!

It's a start but it's not enough! It will never be enough! That's what you are truly afraid of isn't it! European Jews suffered long before Adolf Hitler came on the scene but when that Demon and his followers did come, they attempted to slaughter an entire people. They committed Genocide culminating in the murder of six million European Jews! That slaughter was so terrible that the death camps stand today as monuments. You can't even plant or build on that land! The energy there will last forever!

So how much more for the African? 100 million estimated to be lost in the Atlantic Slave Trade. 100 Million human souls lost! Ships sank with human cargo. Africans tossed overboard callously to avoid the law!

But you said you're sorry!

Hey Congress, Get a photograph of The Door of No Return and try to stare at it! Go on!
You won't be able to stand it! What you're ancestors have done is so evil that even a photograph taken in the 20th century is too much!

Only God can forgive you and your people! But as we enter into a new epoch of oppression and disenfranchisement. As we still bear the weight of history and the burden of the present can we forgive you?

As you give welfare instead of job training! Can we forgive you? As you smear and murder our leaders and Icons can we forgive you? As you make it harder for any of the 36 million descendants of the enslaved to move up through legistration, lack of education, lack of health care and meaningful economic empowerment. Can we forgive you?

I wonder too!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

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jjbrock said...

Jaycee I like the way you presented this article. Every time I see a photo of that door it reminds me of the pain our people must have felt.

I believe we all can forgive but never forget. Great post!