Saturday, July 19, 2008

The TARDIS has Landed!

Calling all Dr. Who fans!

Years ago one of my buds called me and invited me to a Dr. Who party. It wasn't going to be anything special just a bunch of people chilling out watching the complete Dr. Who set on VHS. Now, I'm a Brotha from Compton, CA and the only thing I knew about Dr. Who was that I didn't get it! It was from England and it was well...weird!

It seemed to me the only one's I saw who even watched Dr. Who were these geeky, white, nerd boys and of course I was a cool black dude who read spider man, had no car or girlfriend and listened to Jazz even though the really hot women listened to Al B Sure and Tony, Tone, Toni.
Years later I finally did watch Dr. Who and then I got it!
I got why this show was great! Why it's lasted since 1963!
But of course two people got me to try Dr. Who! The Cyberwoman episode on the Dr. Who spin off Torchwood and Freema Agreman as Dr. Martha Jones with the 10th incarnation of Dr. Who. Fine sistahs!
Oh yeah! But the show was great and it made me go back and watch the previous seasons. I'm still trying to catch up but yeah!

The Doctor is a time lord from Planet Gallifrey travelling the multiverses across time in his ship the TARDIS; Which due to a glitch is permanently frozen in the shape of a British police call box. He chooses various companions who travel with him. I came in on Dr. Martha Jones and Rose Tyler both smart, brave, beautiful and hopelessly hoping to win the Doctor's two hearts!

The stories are interesting. Imagine landing in Pompeii on Volcano day!
Hilarious! But the enemies list is great too. The Cybermen who for you trekkies is like the Borg!
The Daleks, cylinder shaped group of beings, who are beyond conceited. They cry exterminate! To just about anyone who doesn't reach their standards! Wussies!

The Doctor regenerates so there are 10 doctors, each different in looks, voices, age and style but retaining the knowledge of each of the previous doctors. I like David Tennent in the role of the 10th doctor. I especially enjoy seeing the Caribbean and Black British folks that have been on. this makes for interesting TV. The monsters, the villains and Martha Jones.

Give it a try, You tube has all the episodes uploaded. Start with Smith and Jones and go from there!

So, to my man Joel, thanks for inviting me and I'm sorry I didn't attend.
I was wrong and I've grown up so I don't mind being a geeky sci fi nerd so there!

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!



Obi Asad said...

Dr. Who is one of the quirkiest, weirdest, and coolest shows I've seen in a long time. While I'm still struggling to "get it" myself, it's fun trying.

robusta barista said...

You know I've never "got it." (LOL) My older sister tried to turn me on to it, and it does indeed look interesting enough for me to try "get it." Maybe my brain has evolved enough to be able to comprehend. (LMBAO)

Mista Jaycee said...

The 9th and 10th doctors played by Christopher Eccleston and David Tenant are modern, heroic dudes. There is violence, they deal with predjidice, the characters like 51st century born Capt Jack at omnisexual, having lived so long that they have been with females, males and aliens and they see regular hetrosexual notions in the 20th century as quaint. There are alot of Black faces as recurring characters and not one sambo or mammie in the bunch. I truly dig it. But sometimes the monsters maintain a sinster campiness.
I like the 10th doctor and the fact he wears a suit with converse lol

Anonymous said...

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robusta barista said...

Well, it certainly sounds interesting, and quirky. I'll check it out, and get back wit ya! (LOL)