Monday, July 14, 2008

Satire!....You say? I, say RACIST! Shame On Y'all!

Satire: Noun, A literary work that attacks humans vice or folly through irony, derision or wit. The branch of literature constituting such works. Irony, sarcasm or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly or vice.

Satirize: Verb, To Attack or Ridicule by means of Satire.

Courtesy of the American Heritage College Dictionary

I looked at the current issue of The New Yorker and I am shocked and appalled! A major magazine, respected worldwide puts out such an openly offensive, blatantly racist cover and then claims it was just Satire!

The Kevin and Bean radio show syndicated in Los Angeles pulled a promotional stunt a few years ago taking garden hoes, painting them Black and having people come and get their Black Hoes!
When Black folks called them on that crap, they said "Hey, it was just satire!"
No, Kevin and Bean, it was RACIST, Juvenile, insensitive, low classed , petty, bottom feeding and cruel and monumentally STUPID!

The New Yorker's current stunt is even worse! Kevin and Bean's audience is primarily young, white, college aged, beer drinking frat boys who I dare hope will one day mature and grow out of it! The New Yorker's cover demonstrates what occurs when they don't mature and grow out it!

Shame on The New Yorker! Shame on you for such low class, Racist crap! A Pox on your houses, gentlemen! Like all Judases, Biblical or otherwise, I'm sure you got paid for it!

You knew America is irrational about Obama's cultural and religious upbringing. You knew it and you know that this cover would just play into that fear. I guess you justified it that hey, we just pointed it out and that was the point! Screw that! Shame on You! Even though you've proven that you have none, shame on you!

Obama's a Muslim! No, he's not! He's a Christian, But so what! Praying to the God of Abraham five times a day, Making a pilgrimage to a Holy land at least once in the lifetime, giving alms, making a daily declaration of belief and fasting during a holy month are not bad things! Christians and Jews do it all the time!

Hey, Black folks have been oppressed in this country and are still being oppressed and treated unfairly. Black Anger is not to be taking lightly and disregarded. Black folks have always been loyal and patriotic to a fault even when we should not have been and to dress Michelle Obama as a militant with assault rifle is beyond tastelessness!
There was a big to do about Michelle Obama's comment, that she was proud of being an American for the first time! She, a Harvard educated lawyer, Black from a poor working class family. Worked hard and became the best. All the things that America says they respect! But, because she was honest about her people's history in this country for that moment she got slammed!
I wonder after this will she still be proud of America? I am not! To me, this kind of low class, Fox news, racial pandering is just more the same! It's as normal and natural and American Apple Pie! I'm still waiting for my overjoyed pride in American moment!

I listened to some folks who took a focus group for NPR about the candidates. One participant even though he believed Obama would probably be the better candidate, felt that if he voted for him he would be voting for a Black Agenda. At least he was honest! Most folks aren't but yes that may be there true feelings and you played right upon it! Shame on you!

You stooped to the lowest common denominator, well second lowest, there's FOX but still for you guys, Shame on YOU!

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!


Serious said...

That cover is terrible. There is no justification for stuff like that. Wow. Thanks for posting this.

achoiceofweapons said...

Good to see ya back Serious!
Well looks like the drums are beating cause some other great blogs are posting as well.

Roadhouse said...

Admittedly, I haven't read the New Yorker's article regarding the cover. But I am aware of their liberal agenda. So I am going to go out on a limb and guess that they are trying to demonstrate how we evil conservatives view the Obammas. If I'm right about that, it is my side of the isle that should be offended. Because we have legitimate reasons to be against Obamma...none have anything to do with what the New Yorker is asserting.

Again, this is a guess. So if the New Yorker's article claims something else, just disregard this post.

achoiceofweapons said...

Most of the media at least since the telecommunications act of 1996 is consolidated and owned by only a few choice players, most of them conservative and not afriad to implement their agenda. This includes Radio, TV, Newspaper and soon on the list the internet bands. There is no liberal agenda. That's fake. No just power players trying to retain power.
Now, As far as the new yorker, Osama Ben Laden's, Americas most hated enemy on the wall of an American Pres, dispicable! Then to paint Obama, a Kenya American/White dude as a muslim when you know it's false, just wrong,then the burning of the flag, the Michelle Obama dipicted as a 60's era militant complete with combat boots and Assault weapon. Tasteless!
If you don't like Obama fine, but this is bigger than that! No excuses!
Thanks for sharing and good to see ya again. I do appreciate it!

Daisy said...

Terrible cover!

Roadhouse said...

Let's see, do you mean conservatives like Keith Oberman, Chris Mathews, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Brian Williams, Juan Williams, Andrea Mitchell, Helen Thomas, Mourine Dowde, Dan Rather, Alan Colms, The entire cast of Sixty Minutes, Maura Liason, Christianne Ammanpor, Bill Moyers, "Pinch" Solsburger, Paul Krugman, the entire air staff of NPR, and so on?

If the owners of NPR, PBS, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, USA Today, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times or The New Yorker have a conservative agenda, they are doing a pretty crappy job of pushing it.

If there were any truth to your assertion, then George Bush would be the most popular President since Kennedy, 85% of the people would be FOR the war in Iraq, and Obamma would be a laughing stock with a 2% approval rating.

Obi Asad said...

I'm in shock. I'm appalled by what the New Yorker considers satire. This is outrageous.

Mista Jaycee said...

No, Roadhouse, my man I mean fake conservatives Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Roger Murdock who the Fox empire. Shawn Hannity, Joe Scarbough, Thomas Sowell, Ann Coulter and several more. PBS was taken over, tampered with by the Right, Bill Moyers Now was taken off the air even though it was on PBS not a National Channel. AM radio is dominated by so-called conservatives. Clear Channel that owns over a hundred radio stations across the nation censored songs it felt where political across the nation on it's stations. What liberal media. We don't have honest dialogue, discussion or debate. We have one guy on the right screaming his nonsense then we have another give a so called liberal left wing view and we call that fair and balanced. No real conservatives can't be boxed nor can real liberals. Both real folks on both sides respect facts and honest data and work from that. Not this nonsense that passes today. No, what we have now is just propaganda not thought!
That's the real shame of it.

ms.uncensored said...

i was disgusted by this cover. regardless of what sort of agenda they may or may not have had, it's unwarranted and a testament to the uphill battle that he faces to win the presidency. whether we want to accept it or not, as long as a obama is the democratic candidate and even president (hopefully), he faces this sort of racism and ignorance. the media was just scratching the surface with the reverend wright fiasco.

it's not gonna stop. yes, we all know that racism never disappeared. it only became well hidden and briefly shows its ugly face with the judicially and economically. the country's truly blatant racist colors will continue to reappear more publicly as we get closer and closer to November. sigh.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Ms. Uncensored,
Good to see ya here. Well, Race and class are two things that Fred Douglas said would be the things that would set this country on fire. He correctly surmised that we would always have to deal with it. I agree with Pastor Wright though and there are alot of preachers who use that type of imagery. It's amazing that so many people condemned Pastor Wright but didn't condemn Jerry Falwell, or Pat Robertson.
Look forward to reading you.

Roadhouse said...

AM radio hardly constitutes a majority of mainstream media. That's kinda' the point. If Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter, and Thomas Sowell aren't true conservatives, then I would be interested in what you think a true conservative is. O'Reilly and Scarburo are moderates at best.

My list consisted of the mainstream media's heavy hitters. Anchormen/women, editors, op-ed journalist, commentators, and Whitehouse Press corps members. I didn't even mention those who write for the Ass. Press. I also didn't even mention the Hollywood angle.

Your average person has never heard the name Thomas Sowell, let alone his perspective on issues. That's because he's a conservative black man, and the MAINSTREAM media cannot afford to show Americans that there is such a thing.

I listen to NPR all the time. I cannot name one NPR conservative on-air personality. Certainly not Teri Gross, Jim Learer or Garrison Keilor.
Rupert Murdock is the owner of a broadcasting company, not the leader of an empire.
Clear Channel is a private company that makes decisions based on market research. Only governments can censor something.

How's that for honest dialogue?

Mista Jaycee said...

The conservatives own the majority of media. This should not be the case, rules of monopoly and all but the 1996 Telecommuications act allowed for a few companies to buy signals, and other media in the same market. The boards of clear channel while they may donate some money to left wing players, the majority of the players are big business which lends itself to profit alone, not diversity of opinions, freedom of speach or any of those things.

As far as this so called liberal onslaught, our problem seems to be a matter of perception. Larry Elder, Dr. Alan Keyes and Ken Hamblin I would consider conservative, I would also consider Pat Buchanan and Tony Blankly conservatives too. You probally would not consider Juan Williams and the Late Tim Russert to be conservatives but I do. It's a matter of propective. Ya see some of the names I mentioned are so far to the right that it's not even realistic to compare them anymore. It's like Nixon versus Reagan who more conservative now? Goldwater versus Mccarthy? Dig?

Absolute power corrupts Absolutely!
To say Roger Murdock is just a Business owner is disingenious! No,Fox is a media empire and he holds sway in alot of political circles. It was Murdock who allowed his journalism unit to put all their eggs in the neo con basket. Fox news didn't cover the story with facts and critical questions, the acted as Defacto spokesperson for The Neo Con agenda, a propaganda machine. Not that most other outfits did much better. The New York Times is so guilty with all the stories and propaganda they ran leading up to the Iraq war. They asked no critical questions. The Fourth Estate is corrupt man and we all suffer for it!

Roadhouse said...

There are more liberal commentators and contributers who are regularly featured on Fox than there are conservatives on all of the other channels combined.

Larry Elder is a conservative. Juan Williams is a liberal...although a very reasonable and pretty well grounded liberal.
Russert went out of his way to be as moderate as possible. That's why he was considered respectable by both sides.
Keyes may be conservative to an extent, but his politics are over-shadowed by his nutty personality and publicity stunts.

Again, if there were a conservative agenda dominating the mainstream media, then George Bush would be the most popular President since Kennedy. People would understand why we're in Iraq. Saddam's history would be the subject of weekly commentaries and expose's. Sept. 11th footage would be ran every day. The current progress in Iraq would be the Headline of every paper. People wouldn't be falling for the global warming hysteria. Obamma wouldn't be able to get elected as dog catcher.

I wonder why these things aren't happening if my side has so much power in the media?

Roadhouse said...

Also, the anchors of the three major networks are accompanying Obamma to Iraq. Where were they when McCain went there the last three times?

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Roadhouse,
Popularity is on Dubya's side. Ya see there are several people who believe that Dubya has desecrated the constitution and committed several crimes. Because of his party's power for the last 16 years he has not been prosecuted even by those conservatives and there are several who agree that he has overstepped and blatantly ignored the rights of the people. There are several in his administration and in his party who should be in jail for comtempt of congress alone much less at least on trail for several crimes. Now I can't say if they would be convicted but they should at least be brought up on charges. Right now Dubya has enjoyed a teflon existence.

PS Rush Limbaugh is a recovering drug addict who obtained several prescriptions illigally. He is not in jail on probation and in fact has signed a new 365 million dollar contract. Where was Limbaugh's compassion for anyone else who suffered from an addiction and commited a stupid act?

O'Reilly had a mistress! Yet he demonized several people weekly including Ludacris because Luda used to be a drug dealer. Causing him to lose a lucrative pepsi ad.

Larry Craig, signs off on a Hetrosexual Marriage bill while dealing with his own gay bathroom scandal. No...There is a conservative agenda and it's working good. These people's names don't stay in the media except for people like me. And they've lost nothing.

Spitzer ran around calling himself a moralist and got caught with his pants down literally but it was the abuse and illegial use of the Patriot act that caught him. Fact!
No one checked this administration on that abuse.

When the Texas democrats fled to Oaklahoma to prevent a quorum that would have gerrymandered their state districts in favor of Republicans, The Repubs used the patriot act to have planes go up and search for the group. It was declared illegial and an abuse but nothing was ever done about it!

Two years ago a study was published by some lawyers group observing who has the patriot act stopped. Answer only enviormentalist organizations that were declared enemies of the Bush Administration. No Terrorists, just political enemies.

PS Juan Williams is not a liberal. I guess it depends on who you ask.

Roadhouse said...

Maybe we're talking about a different "Dubya" and a different Republican party. Because the Dubya I know has an average 20% approval rating and is skewered daily by every mainstream media outlet, and the Republican party I know is the MINORITY party and doesn't have enough power to do much more than complain about Democrats.

The only reason Bush hasn't been brought up on charges is that he hasn't broken any laws, otherwise Pelosi and Reed would have made it happen long ago.

If you've listened to Limbaugh, you'd know that he is very sympathetic to those addicted to drugs, especially prescription drugs. He has spoken extensively on this.

Ex-drug dealers who glorify the "gangsta/pimp" lifestyle SHOULD be demonized by everyone...even philanderers.

Larry Craig is a laughing stock to this very day. Ever watch late night TV? Leno, O'brien, Stewart, and Kimmel have been getting fat making fun of him.

As for the Patriot Act, either the Democrats are completely gutless, or they've been out-witted by George Bush. Otherwise, they would have impeached him by now. Or there is the other theory that the liberal understanding of the Patriot Act my be a bit off the mark.

I don't think any of these possibilities make Democrats look too bright.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Roadie,
You will get no arguement from me on the Demopublicans and the Repugnicrats being gutless or serving evil. If you read my previous posts ya know, I don't belong to either party. To me they are both the same, twisted reflections of the same coin. I want a different coin, one that serves to the benefit of the people not the parties.
Talk to you soon.