Thursday, July 3, 2008

Obama's Trojan Policy

Even the Very Elect would be Deceived! St. John's Book of Revelation

After I got off work, I found an article in the morning edition of the Los Angeles Times about Barack Obama and how when he is president he will continue funding the Faith based Initiatives and charities. I found this disturbing. I actually was hoping that he would eliminate funding Faith based charities.

I am a Man of Faith and a political realist. I believe you take my money, you wear my brand! With that in mind, Church and State should remain separate. I believe in that. Let the church do what its commissioned by God to do and the state do its thang and never the two shall meet! They should co-exist as two separate, distinct, bodies working towards the overall goal of helping people. However, the Church has a restriction that the Government does not. If I don't want what the church is offering, IE it's dogma, traditions, and viewpoint I don't have to take it and they can't force it on me. Our Government is elected. This is a Republic and they are bound by the laws of the land, the constitution and the Bill of Rights! They can be recalled, impreached or not get reelected! The Church may or may not have any apparatus to address, the congreagations grievances or desires and/or offer any redress!
The Government has a set of checks and balances installed to combat abuse in it's house. It's called We the People! And WE THE PEOPLE can discipline elected officials and recall bad policies in the courts and in the streets with our vote. We The People do not have that same amount of power in the Church. We can take away the tax exception, We can speak out against them but we can't make the Church do anything good or bad if they don't want to.

However, Churches that accept Uncle Sam's dough are selling off their autonomy. The mandate given to them by their Creator. Again, you take my money, you wear my brand!

How long until the State, emboldened with new power and no checks and balances begins to establish a Theocracy? It's not like this regime respects the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. It's not like they believe in Democracy. Eight years has proven that they don't!

But Jaycee, the money going to Faith based organizations is doing great work! Fact! All faith based organizations did not receive money and equal representation to minister, just the ones Uncle Sam is comfortable with.

Will our Muslim citizens get to encourage and enforce Sharia? Not if it's competing against a Christian Sharia!

So who gets to have a say? Anyone, who pays right? Will the majority rule over the minority? Probably, that's why we have the separation of powers! To give everybody as close to an equal chance as possible.

I accept Christ as my savior but wholly reject the likes of Pat Robertson, James Dobson and their ilk and don't wish to be ruled by them or someone like them. How about you? I think my man Obama, may be a Trojan candidate. He appears to be one thing but inside is a whole nother thang.

Vote what you feel but Obama's and McCain's recent stands are enough to give me pause.

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!



jjbrock said...

To do His true work, everyone, including the government, should pitch in together. But, If faith base monies come with a string attach then the church need to back up off of that idea. If it will limited what can be said from the pulpit then by all means let the government keep their monies.

achoiceofweapons said...

God's work will get done even if God's people don't do it! The Rocks would cry out in praise for God if we wouldn't so it doesn't make sense to me that we would take the Gov's money. There is another agenda and it is Theocracy! Counterfeit Christianity!

truth said...

Interesting post,
You make a good point about how Bush and his interpretation of the bible, has seemed to over rule America's constitution.

Although, I don't believe under any circumstance that a theocracy would be possible in America. People on the Right hold onto that constitution and do not want anyone telling them how to live their lives. Well, some on the Right, anyway.

I'm starting to have second thoughts about Obama myself. He seems to be pandering to every group in this country, besides black folk. Or maybe it's just me.

achoiceofweapons said...

A Theocracy is very possible. Sunday Blue Laws are on the books in every state, they are not currently enforced everywhere but in some locales you could be fined or jailed for not observing Sunday. The Seventh Day Adventist church teaches that one day there will be a national sunday blue law. It is not just Bush's intepretation of the Bible, Bush has just blurred the line between Church and State more but Reagan started it.