Monday, July 28, 2008

Soul Food For Thought!

I was talking with a friend today and they were having a rough go of it. It got me to thinking about just some simple rules to help us through our days here and I decided to share. As my late Brother Will used to to say to me. Don't get ate up wit it!

Rule 1. You can't take the world on your shoulders. This is why you were given a whole life to live. You are supposed to make mistakes! You ain't supposed to know everything! Jesus said he would help us! Didn't he promise he wouldn't give you more than you could bear? Well? And even then he promised to help you. Come unto me all y'all struggling and I will give you rest take my load upon you and learn of me My burden is light! Paraphrased

Rule 2. Old loves, good and bad memories, like good whiskey are to be sipped. That's why they are in the past and they are there to teach us, caution us and guide us back to God not for us to get lost in or to live in. That's what the here and now is for! Live in the now! I read that The Buddha figured that one out on his journey. If you gulp it all down then well, you know it's gonna jack you up!

Rule 3. If there is anymore confusion see Rule 1 in entirety.

Rule 4. If you can't relate to sipping cognac or whiskey this is cool too substitute whiskey and cognac for Boston cream pie, hot peach cobbler with a great flaky crust or a graham cracker crusted cheese cake. Either way it ain't to be eaten in one sitting. See rule 1 and 2 Dig?

Rule 5. Allah makes Muslims! But..But! Mista Jaycee, I'm not a Muslim! Well we all are for this rule. Here's the point, You can't make someone do anything! If there is a changing to be done then let God do it! The God of Abraham, I AM that I AM, has created you as you are. Since, it is God that made you it is God that will change you providing you allow him to. God made everyone else as well so the same rule applies. You didn't make you or anyone else and you can't change anyone else. That ain't your job!

Rule 6. Failure to adhere to these rules will cause unnecessary suffering and lead to even more until you get the message or....well y'all smart you will get the message!

This post brought to you by the Universal Defenders of International Goodwill!


Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!



jjbrock said...

Great post! A whole life to live it. Today that is an eye opener for me. Thanks!

Rule #4, again thanks for the reminder too slow down.

Mista Jaycee said...

Glad to help! We all need it!