Monday, July 21, 2008

We Won! Loyalty Oaths! Are you Kidding Part 2

This just in!

For those of y'all who read my May 13, 2008 post, Loyalty Oaths! Are you Kidding?
Well, just got word through email that Wendy Govanor has won thanks to 14,000 petitioners.
Here is a copy of her email. We all have more choice now and our freedom and patriotism can be defined by us! Mista Jaycee

We won! And I can't thank you enough!
You and 14,000 other people signed People For the American Way Foundation's petition to California State University after they fired me because I wouldn't sign a state-mandated "loyalty oath" without being able to attach an explanatory statement -- a statement I felt was necessary to protect my beliefs as a Quaker and a pacifist.

But with your help -- and People For Foundation's lawyers behind me -- we won!
I've got my job back, and Cal State has agreed to let me attach a statement to the oath explaining my religious and free speech concerns, enabling me to sign the oath in good conscience. And I'm confident, and most proud, that others in the future will be able to do the same.

So thank you again for exercising your first amendment right to free speech and religious liberty in support of mine.

With deepest graditude

Wendy Govenor

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Serious said...

That's great. Another victory for freedom. Thanks for the update.