Sunday, July 13, 2008

Judged By the Content of our Character! Another Crock!

I have a dream that one day our children will not be judged by the color or their skin but by the content of their character! Pastor, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1963

Dr. Charles Richard Drew found a way to preserve blood plasma that helped America and the world but he bled to death, a southern medical facilities refusing to treat his injuries from an auto wreak!

Bishop Henry McNeil Turner was elected to the Georgia Legislature during reconstruction only to be betrayed by his own party. The Republicans who in an effort with southern democrats stripped the African American elected officials of their authority and ousted them from congress.

There are hundreds of examples of injustice but none worse than the misuse of Dr. King's quote. It's amazing that we allow it to be so shamelessly abused. White and Black so called conservatives use it ignoring everything else he said in that speech and in his overall ministry.

Everybody didn't grieve when Dr. King was murdered! While he was alive, he was harassed and under FBI surveillance! He was criticized, his efforts on behalf of the poor of this nation were presented as communist!

No! Everyone didn't grieve! Everyone wasn't sorry he was dead! Where were their efforts on behalf of the poor, did they take up his cause even if they didn't agree with his methods! Did they change the FBI's policies towards dissidents in this country? Naw! Did they make a real effort to create jobs and industry in poor and rural areas or did they give welfare instead?

Dr. King was in Memphis working on behalf of striking garbage workers when he was shot! Did they take up the torch of service? Dr. King, was a pastor of a respected church, a degreed professional and could have just stayed in a comfortable life of ministry and academia but he was on the front lines! Content of Character, each of these people Dr. King, Bishop Turner and Dr. Drew proved the content of their character by sharing what was theirs with the world. It's time that America return the favor!

You can start with job training programs in new and up coming industries, drug treatment assistance and a decriminalization of drug abuse and addicts! You can encourage industries to train and hire in the inner cities. Create jobs via Federal programs that rebuild America's infrastructure. There are alot of out of work folks who can build a freeway, a new levee, clear forest bush and plant trees and American would be better for it!
America can forgive student loans completely of those who teach in the inner cities and pay off loans and debts of new doctors and lawyers who devote at least five years in the inner cities to clinics and hospital and pro-bono work!
America, can restore the citizenship of those who have lost it. Remember those folks on Parole, some who can not vote in elections that will decide their futures and their childrens. They should have a say or you doom them to permanent disenfrancisement. Make them someone who's got nothing to gain or lose!

We can do it! That would show the content of our character!

Be Mindful! Be Careful! Be Prayerful!


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