Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bristol's Baby Boom!

Sarah Palin's teenaged daughter is pregnant! Big Whoop! Soon to be outgoing President Bush's twins snuck into a bar a few years back with a fake id and got in trouble! Jaime Spears got pregnant right when Mommy Spears was set to release a book on parenthood! Miley Cyrus and Daddy Cyrus took some very creepy photographs earlier this year. Vanessa Hudgens sent some photos via cellphone to her boyfriend in her birthday suit or topless or some other thing! What's the point You ask?

Kids, Teenagers and young adults are gonna get in trouble! Adults less the sense! A-D-O-L-E-S-E-N-C-E! That's par for the course! So now here we go on another feeding frenzy where we all show our political, social and economic biases and no one says what really needs to be said!

Not here! Not now! According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Teen pregnancy is up! STD's are on the rise and guess what????

What? What? Tell us!

No one talking about that! Teen Pregnancy is up! STD's are spreading and becoming stronger and more drug resistance everyday! What needs to be asked of everyone but especially those in public service or seeking higher office in public service!No one is immune to life! Education, Religion, Wealth will not insulate you from life! So Governor Sarah Palin, Republican vice presidential nominee,is up for one of the ultimate career promotions on earth, she's dressed to the nines, they takin pictures, she's smooozing with crowds, the shareholders, (I mean voters) are poring over her resume and checking her background to see if she ate a booger in third grade and if they can spin it and her baby comes home with a baby!

Oh! Shucky Ducky!

Now Gov. Palin has taken several extreme stances. I refuse to use the term conservative when extreme is perfectly correct. She's against Abortion even in cases of incest or danger to the mother. Extreme!

She's against Sex Education being taught in schools! She only wants abstinence taught!Extreme!

The spin on her daughter Bristol's teen pregnancy is that Bristol is going to marry the father. Everybody says AWWWW! That's ok!

So, the equally underaged, teenaged, impulsive young man who can't vote, can't join the service, Can't legally buy a pack of smokes or have a drink, will with no current college education or vocational training and all of 16 years of life experience will be a MARRIED FATHER! And it will be a successful union!

No way! That got a snowballs chance in hell of making it! Of course, there has been no wedding date set to my knowledge. They could wait until after the election and issue a nice little page 14 story that the young couple felt it best they not marry at this time but will both go to school, raise their child, and will marry when they are more stable! Which is code speak for probably never!

Here are just a few fair questions to ask the Gov. Palin.

1. You are not in favor of Sex Education being taught in schools or outside the home but besides Abstinence what did you teach Bristol?

What did you counsel Bristol on? Did you have the talk?

Did you explain how the body works? You explained the joys of SEX? You did tell her that sex can be and is a joy right? You did explain the difference between Making love and just Satisfying your libido? Did ya explain about the emotional bonding that occurs when folks have sex? That if one of the partners is not sensitive to the other person it can be psychologically damaging and tragic right? Did you caution and warn her about the dangers and pitfalls of pre-martial sex? AIDS, STDS, the fact that he could call you a slut and broadcast it to the universe? Or did you only recommend your religious viewpoint? Did you tell her about your life, the choices, good and bad, the mistakes? Did you explain your religious views and why you believe as you do? Have you shared those things? OR Did ya just scare her!? Threaten her? These questions are not for Bristol! That would be unfair!

These questions are for Gov. Sarah Palin, a full grown adult! An adult who wants to help run this country. An Adult who wants to influence what Educators, Medical professionals and Social Scientists would recommend and implement into public policy.

We have a right to ask these questions and to get straight real answers! Ya see WE THE PEOPLE are gonna make our judgements based on them and I for one who like to know if your life view is wrongheaded and stupid! And if so then I certainly don't want you implementing it!

This is not about a teenager catching a wave on the wild ride! This is about an Adult who may have been viciously negligent in her parenting while trying to implement her own extreme worldview upon everybody else!

Ya see there are Parents out there who combat the scourges of drugs, poor education, lack of parks, economic empowerment, jobs and gangs by putting their kids into sports, taking them to church several times a week, sending them into the military, staying in contact with the coaches and teachers, while trying to support a family on an ever shrinking income and their kids fall into crime anyway. No one shows them much compassion! See in America regular parents get blamed! They take the weight even if it's unfair so why should you be any different!

Now, just ask yourself! Parents, Where did the Governor's daughter go that was private enough to dooooo the wild ride without his and her parents knowing? In the Den, the basement, in the pool house? God help us if it was a cheap motel or in the house!

Teenagers! Reckless! Dumbass, impulsive Teenagers! So if you couldn't reign in your kid then you should know and have real compassion on the rest of us! Shucky Ducky! Parents all over are trying to stop they kids from doing some fool things that feel good for the moment but cause a lifetime of pain!

America! Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Socialist You owe it to yourselves to call the whole lot of these old fossils like O'reilly and Limbaugh, Fred D. Thompson and Joe Lieberman on their two faced, turn coated hypocrisy! Where are these So called social conservatives now? Where's Dobson and Colson? Where's Robertson? Calling a spade and Spade? Does it only apply when it's a Democrat? When it's a poor Black Girl from the inner city? Where? I don't see any protests from them outside the convention! Where's Mike Huckabee? Where? They towing the party line that's where! They ain't real ministers they just political hacks posin as preachers! Pimpin peoples prejudices!

And now for the Democrats! Where is their outrage? They been takin it up the U NO WHERE that ain't a typo for tooo Long and being polite! Take it to they behinds! They deserve it!

Then we can talk some real talk about some real solutions and even if we don't come to some agreement then we can get some understanding! Do it ya Pansies!

No, it's private! It's a private matter! I would agree it should be a private matter but you and your party haven't let it be private! You can't get off that easy when your party, the Republicans for the last 30 years have made their bones on the slandered reputations of an entire race and community and anyone who thinks differently than you! No, you made the rules! It ain't private! It wouldn't be PRIVATE if my baby came home with some lunkhead, drug selling, gang banging, sociopath's kid in her belly and I chose for her and made her have it! No! It wouldn't be private! Not in the welfare office, when she sits there answering the most intrusive questions with no filter! It wouldn't be Private when the STATE lets her KNOW that her child is a Bastard! Or when she receives a letter that the District Attorney can not locate the Father to collect child support and we know he's working and lives down the street from that child! When he files a tax return every year! When she's embarrassed at every turn, the state scrutinizing her every penny, every relationship, every choice! No! It ain't private!

IT WOULD NOT BE A PRIVATE NON ISSUE IF IT WAS ONE OF BARACK OBAMA'S Daughters! It Would be the 2009 Republican Parties Willie Horton!

It's an issue cause you've made it an issue! Here's the difference Mrs. Palin! Lil Ms. Bristol has an educated, well paid Mama and Father in her home who will take care of their baby. For the rest of us that may or may not be an option! She will probably live at home, raise your grand baby and this will all be forgotten soon. But some unfortunate girl will choose to have her baby, will have to go to school, pay for expensive day care, study, work a job, pay rent, gas, insurance, apply for whatever assistance your party doesn't cut away, and spend years in and out of Emergency rooms when they get sick for lack of a health plan. Real Talk! There!

So, for Bristol Good luck and God Bless you but for Mrs. Palin stand up to the mike You've got some Explaining to do!

BE Mindful! BE Careful! BE Prayerful!


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