Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coup! Day Two Update! Serious Black Held!

I just received a communique from the underground network concerning the whereabouts of deposed League of Evil Monkeys leader Serious Black. Reporters embedded inside the league report that he is under guard around the clock. He has been subjected to torture repeatedly being forced to watch reruns of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Xena(the episodes where Gabrielle and Xena talk about their feelings) and only the Shemp episodes of the Three Stooges.

Senator Joe Lieberman, (monkeyhood undetermined at presstime) an active participant in the coup, speaking on behalf of the Hideously Evil Monkey issued the following statement to the press.

"Serious Black abandoned the protocols of monkey nationalism, therefore the league leadership has been taken over by our, I mean, the benevolent leader "The hideously Evil Monkey" until free and fair elections can be held and order restored."

President Select George Bush and his Vice President while expressing deep concern for Serious Black's welfare lameted "how unfortunate it is that democracy has failed here!" Nevertheless he and Vice President Cheney signed into law a trade agreement importing several varieties of cheap bananas and Nilla wafers to America that Serious Black had vehemently opposed days before the coup.
When questioned about Serious Black's health and when he would be allowed access to a lawyer and have a court date in order to hear the charges against him, the Bush administration declined comment citing Executive privilege and National Security with the Vice President select Dick Cheney accidentally shooting Senator Ted Kennedy in the tushie!
No further comment at this time. Stay tuned!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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Serious Black said...

Jay, I love you brotha. Thanks for making me laugh.