Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Midnight Basketball Saved!

Well Alright! Midnight Basketball in Long Beach has been saved! Union Pacific Railroad sponsored the program with a $30,000 dollar grant. The Midnight basketball league originally cited as one of George Bush Senior's Thousand Points of Light, the Clinton Administration included it in its crime prevention bill highlighting evidence that it could prevent youth and other crimes that occur from Midnight to four am by providing youth and young adults with an activity decreasing incidents of vandalism and petty crime. It's always a point of contention if programs such as these work but I personally believe Midnight basketball, Police Athletic leagues and Art and Music programs in schools to be money well spent if it gives the opportunity for a kid to choose something else and keeps them out of trouble! Big up Union Pacific! Mayor Foster! and Dee Andrews!
I look forward to more programs like this at Ernest McBride park and all our local area parks and recreational facilities!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


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