Monday, September 1, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Hits! Katrina Remembered!

New Poetry
For all the residents of New Orleans and Mississippi Lost
And for those left behind
When the winds came and the water rose
some rushed to higher ground
while the levee's burst and tumbled down
the people cried and drowned!
For Five days turned blind eye and deaf ear
to cries of shell shocked, malnourished human beings on rooftops
or on the ground.
And as the water became toxic full of the dead and diseased,
mosquitoes, heat and raw sewage, the country ignored their pleas!
It seems not God but dollar bills determined Nawlin's fate
cause if you were rich and white then you was alright you
drove away and got safe, while poor Black folks
were left below in ghettos wrote off and left for dead!
America should hides its face in shame! God's Judgement should fill it
with dread!
Instead we watch telecasts of the nightly blues posing as news
point blame and charge ingratitude
Starving, thirsty, masses of the poor
raiding Wal-mart and Winn Dixie for food!
The Pontchartrain river still coughs up the dead as bankers
lay plans for the land dreaming of factories and stores
while the Presidick continues to smile and trick, rob and rape
the poor!
You'd think that America would change its ways and help all those in need
but all I hear is talk of tax, oil stocks and greed!
September 17, 2005
Recorded on Mista Jaycee's Lunatic Hyroglyphic LP
Republished in Fat Cats and Other Caged Bird Songs
All Rights Reserved

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