Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Troy Davis Receives Stay of Execution

The United States Supreme Court has seen fit to allow Mr. Davis, a stay of execution until the court can decide if they will compel the lower courts to allow testimony of seven witnesses who recanted their stories. Some witnesses when asked stated they simply repeated what they had already heard during the case. Praise to God! (IAM) for the blessing of letting Mr. Davis have a stay, praise God (IAM) for allowing us, the people the chance to still have true justice and a fair and equitable legal system. We still have that chance!

On a side note! When does a person not be pronounced a COP KILLER in every sentence preceding his name? Troy Davis has always maintained his innocence. There is a ton of evidence to suggest that he may be innocent. When does Troy Davis get to be Troy Davis and what will the headline be when he is reprieved and released? TROY DAVIS FREE! OR OOOPS NOT A COP KILLER? OR how about Sorry about that Innocent Man formerly known as COP Killer Troy Davis! Wow! The media sure seems unbiased when introducing Troy Davis, a COP KILLER. Is it just naivete to ask for a unbiased, objective story and headline? Does that go out of the window when a jury, which can be and has been wrong in the past declares you guilty?

Just thinking about it. Just pondering......

BE Mindful! BE Careful! BE Prayerful!


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jjbrock said...

That is wonderful news!