Friday, September 12, 2008

Serious Black Coup! Update! Day Three!

Geraldo photographed after the battle!

Anderson Cooper observing the battle!

Former Georgia Governor Zel Miller

Whoa! I haven't seen anything this horrible since I watched The View!

Well Alright! Whoop! Whoop!

Senator Joe Lieberman speaking on behalf of the Hideously Evil Monkey!

The House of Representatives

I love the smell of Napalm in the Morning-Apocalypse Now

At five o clock this morning Serious Black loyalists attacked the Citadel seeking to free their leader and restore him to power. It was a fierce battle that lasted four hours. See Photos

Anderson Cooper was at the citadel seeking an interview with Serious Black. He was denied access while the those loyal to the hideously evil monkey insisted that the New Republic of Conservative Symians does not torture! The underground network reported that Serious Black after twenty four straight hours of Xena and the Gilmore Girls was reduced to sitting in a corner and sucking his thumbs and maybe a couple of toes. He's a monkey, don't judge him.

It was at that moment Anderson reports observing large symians hurling hot monkey mud against the windows and screaming! Free Serious Black and Give us Lieberman or Geraldo Rivera gets it! This proved to be a grave miscalculation as no one claimed Geraldo and he was subsequently thrown into the battle literally. Anderson Cooper reported witnessing Geraldo's body slammed repeatedly against the iron gates. The gates now breached and Geraldo still able to speak, the Monkeys, in an unprecedented act, of cruelty continued to let him speak!

Serious Black Loyalists set up thousands of hot lights and loud speakers playing Billy Ray Cyrus's Achy Breaky Heart and Michael Bolton repeatedly as loud as it would go!

Senator Joe Lieberman slithered away, escaping through a sewer line. Singer Toby Keith set to perform a tune praising the Hideously Evil Monkey was merrily stomped and beaten by the Dixie Chicks who came along with Anderson Cooper, Bono and Raekwon the Chef (who beat Keith with a spiked hat), in a delegation to free Serious Black.

This is Anderson Cooper reporting from the Citadel!!! Oh My-------!

BE Mindful! BE Careful! BE Prayerful!


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Bookworm Girl said...

you are good at satire. you should submit some of your writing. :)