Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome New Friends!

Hey I would like to say Welcome to A Choice of Weapons. I got some new friends joining the daily duels and choosing peace, love, poetry, music, joy, writing, art, food, humor, blogging and prayer and meditation as their weapons against oppression, evil, negitivity, clowns and tight binding underwear!

Welcome Bombchell! Welcome Sista GP! Welcome Mr. Swagger! Welcome Beautifully Conjured! Hey Serious Black! Hey Luscious Librarian! Grateful Daisy, Ripple baby! Go Zack! Of course they are not new but I dig them so much. If you haven't left a comment but you take the time to read my blog God (IAM) Bless You in advance! If I didn't mention you I still know who you are and I will soon. Promise!

Welcome! WELCOME! Welcome!

Don't forget go read some of the back posts. Read the Kongo Square Chats and The Black Dots and Blue Notes. U will dig em!


1 comment:

Bombchell said...

hey!!!!!!!! thanks for the welcome =)