Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Iceberg Slim Revealed October 3rd!

Robert Beck, the patron father of the Black Experience Genre, known worldwide by his nom de guerre, Iceberg Slim gave us a look inside his world. He pimped, he played and he paid and somehow in between he wrote about it. His characters were brutal, loving, gentle, ruthless, scoundrels but most of all doomed. His landscapes were the dark corners of urban America. From the Mothers who marched their sons and daughters to churches, sat behind them in class when they misbehaved, to the men who struggled to make their dreams reality by any means neccessary, to the predators and hustlers of all races and classes devouring souls along the way including their own. Beck, gave it to us raw and uncut. His Holloway House pulp novels, today are classics, inspiring generations of storytellers and liars! See where Ice T, Cube and Katt Williams really got that swagger from. Robert Beck, Iceberg Slim, is one of the Core Four Writers of the Black Experience Genre published by Holloway House including Joe Nazel, Donald Goines and Odie Hawkins!
Read about it all This Friday, October 3rd in this months Kongo Square Chat with Odie Hawkins!
This has been a Shameless Plug from A Choice of Weapons.
Mista Jaycee

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sista gp said...

Iceberg Slim was a fave of hubby. I may try to get a collection of works together as a gift.