Friday, September 5, 2008

Mccain, A Maverick! Surely you Jest? (mavrik) Noun. 1. An unbranded animal 2. A Non conformist

Republican Presidential nominee John Old Kane Mccain spoke to the Grand Old Party faithful in St. Paul last night. Mccain trying his best to enjoy the spoils of victory following a hard fought primary season. He took his time speaking of his many years of public service, his military experience and his time as prisoner of war and trying to convince the party faithful and himself that he was the embodiment of change.

Delusion: (di'luzhen) Noun. 1. A False belief

There are alot of words that can be used to describe John Mccain but change is not one of them. Change for John Mccain may mean that he is now the president and not George Bush. No! John, the change Obama is speaking of and which so many others have sought for so long is the transformative meaning of the word. You are still interpreting the transistional meaning of the word Change! Last night you spent a large section of your speech talking about your POW experience. How you fought in the Vietnam war, how you were captured and mistreated but through it all you came through.

News Flash! You were never a Prisoner of War! Technically you were a prisoner of a police action but it don't have such a catchy ring huh? Congress never declared war remember? Oh yeah, you don't remember. Must be getting Old!
Vietnam is listed as a Police Action John! I also seemed to recall another John who claims to be a War Hero in his bio too. John Kerry! What about Max Clevland? I know Vietnam was terrible! It was! You went through a horrible ordeal. I do not envy you! But the hero card can only take you so far John.
In my opinion based on reading history The United States of America should never have gone to Vietnam. We got involved to help our ally the French keep Vietnam a part of its empire. They were still under the French as a colony. We stayed after the French bailed out! Remember John?
We fought to keep Vietnam from becoming communist. We mistaking thought that Vietnam would hook up with Red China. China and Vietnam had been mortal enimies for almost a thousand years by then but we didn't know that! We wanted to keep the USSR from having another ally. Don't forget that Ho Chi Mihn came to America first asking for help to rid his country of the French. We refused and Russia jumped right in. It was about Imperialism John. We got involved in another countries business! We didn't allow that country to choose it's own course even if that course was ultimately a bad one. We sacrificed our youth, spent more than a few fortunes propping up a Puppet in South Vietnam who was ultimately as corrupt and brutal as we believe Ho Chi Min to be. Hey Deja vu! Ain't that what we did in Iraq? Saddam was our puppet. The people didn't want him. We got oil and he kept the Shiites down. What about the Shah of Iran, Puppet who gave us oil and well kept the Shiites down. We used Saddam to fight the Iranians in the Iraq/Iran war where he suposedly gassed the Kurds and the Iranians. Remember that's the crime we executed him for? Wait, are we seeing a pattern here? Cuba! Puppet Baustista successor to a bunch of puppets who kept well you get the picture. We got Cigars, sugar, Rum and the best tropical Ho Ho Ho House the money could buy and the mob could regulate until know...

So now that we got that out of the way and i've laid it out for you that we were the aggressors in that war. Vietnam would not have attacked America! Russia may have but not Vietnam! So we were aggressors. That's nothing to be proud of. I know men who brag about how they fought to keep the hood safe who suffer from the same Delusion as you! Keep the hood safe from who YOU and MEN LIKE YOU? Delusional! There have been countless wars and battles since Vietnam. Panama! Grenada! The First Gulf War! The Falklands! Somalia! and now Iraq! And just a few years before that Korea!

Now just being fair your patriotism is real! You did volunteer to serve! But that war was forty years ago. You've been in congress over 25 years! But now you telling stories about how you a war hero from some war that was unpopular, we didn't win and tore the Gosh Darn the Mittens Country apart!
It's sad like some of those old Confederates must've been. The South will rise again? I'm a war vet? I didn't betray the country! I fought for your right to kidnap human beings, rape em and make em work for free! Ain't I a hero? Sad!
You've had 25 years in congress! What have you done since then?

Now lets get to the real. During your first campaign against Bush when you got to South Carolina, two things happened to derail your campaign.

1. When they questioned you on the Confederate Flag You said it's a Southern Heritage flag! Not it's a RACIST, UNPATRIOTIC Symbol against America! No, under pressure you balked.

You later explained that you regretted not stating your TRUE feelings! That the Confederate Flag is a LOSER FLAG! A symbol of Sedition! Didn't you say that? Ya did John! Ya did! Ya punked out!

Then also in South Carolina leaflets were passed stating that you had a Black Daughter! Your adopted Daughter is from Bangladesh. She's very dark skinned. After you had lost South Carolina, you stated that W. Bush said it was just politics not personal in reference to the dirty tricks and the leaflets. You said to him some things are not politics George! That was personal!
Your own daughter when she saw you working hand in hand with George Bush she uttered Daddy How could you? No, John ya haven't been a leader. You've punked on every chance to be a leader though. See ya can't be the reformer after you get to be president. You either are a reformer or you are not! You are Not!

But then you turned around and supported Bush on 90% of his plan. Punked out again! At what time has John Mccain been a MAVERICK? Did he lead a revolt in the senate when Cheney held closed door energy summits, refusing to divulge the names of the players? No! Did he refuse to sign a budget plan or lead the opposition for a more fiscally responsible alternative? No!

Did he speak against Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales as they ruined the Justice Department? No!

Did You reach across the aisle to take the lead against Torture! Sure you spoke against but there is no legistration in your name is it? What about the FISA Law? What about the Illegal wire tapping? What about when Bush couldn't get John Bolton confirmed and he appointed him to the UN using a loophole did you object? NOOOOOOO! What about when he tried to get Harriett Myers on the Supreme court? NOOOOO! Ya did nothing! Ya played ball with George Bush and Dick Cheney! John crossed the line so far that you don't even know the difference anymore? What about Abu Gharib? What about Guantanamo? What about Walter Reed? What about the Patriot Act? What about the abuses of the Patriot Act! ???? What about the veterans? The VA is jacked! The Vets benefits are being cut and they're getting the shaft! Where is this MAVERICK you speak of?

You took an OATH to DEFEND the CONSTITUTION From ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN and DOMESTIC! Did you? NO! Bush, Delay, Ashcroft, Gonzales, Yoo, Meyers, Libby, Cheney all desecrated the constitution. You sat silent and played ball while they used The Bill of Rights as toilet paper. You love to tote that war record around but in the real war for America you sat idly by and played ball. That's not NON Conformity, that's the definition of Conformity!

Tell Me Maverick!

HEY so called Maverick! Guess what? You're BRANDED! You are a CONFORMIST!

Where are your fresh ideas? Where is your plan? It's Bushes plan! You certainly didn't lay it out last night. What are you gonna do John? Conjure up Ronald Reagan's Supply side economics? The Trickle down, Voodoo economics that didn't work the first time? What are you gonna do? Sell us another De-regulation plan and tell us lies about how it's gonna free up the entrepreneurs?

The Automotive industry is dead! The Airline industry is Dead! The Housing Industry is dead! The Banking Industry is Dead! De-Regulation let the wolves into the Hen house ad they've eaten everything John!

So what cha doing now John? Starting the culture war again? Abortion! The Evangelicals John? Appealing to peoples prejudices?

Barack Obama is the first! THE FIRST BLACK EDITOR OF THE HARVARD LAW JOURNAL! This ain't no Pansie hack! This dude went to HARVARD! THIS Dude came from a single parent home! This Dude! Married his GOSH DARN Boss! ALSO A LAWYER! He's a good father to two lovely girls! He's a Church man! So you can't claim that anymore than he can. You certainly ain't Barack Obama! Unfortunately You ain't ain't a Maverick! You ain't even YOU anymore!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!



jjbrock said...

Jaycee great post you hit a lot of good points. I forgot about that deal with the flag. Any way where did he get that idea from any way that he's a maverick?

Mista Jaycee said...

It all depends on who you are sitting or standing next to. The Republicans shifted so far to the right so long ago that he actually looks too liberal to them now.
People use the word militant or they used to when talking about me but it depends on who I was next to. For the real militants I wasn't down enough. LOL

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Oh, Jaycee, you kicked mucho ass in this post. Your comparison of McCain and the GOP being like a bunch of old Confederate soldiers talking trash is so apt. That was a GREAT post. America has amnesia time and time again that we attack other nations who have not attacked us, and do in the name of freedom.