Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coming! October 3, 2008! Inside the 1965 Watts Workshop!

In 1965 The South Central community in Los Angeles exploded and burned in flames. In its wake A Hollywood Screenwriter and Producer named Budd Shulberg, fresh from the Hollywood Ten, Un-American Activities hearings sounded the call out to the voices of the community.

It was in 1966 that the Watts Writers Workshop was born. It's alumni like the rebellion that caused its inception still burn brightly across the worlds stages. Stanley Crouch, Wanda Coleman, Quincy Troupe, Eric Priestley and Odie Hawkins. This Months Kongo Sqaure Chat will feature Watts Writers Legend Odie Hawkins!
The United States Goverment targeted and destroyed the workshop not for plotting armed revolution but for daring to write one! Read all About it!

Check for it! October 3rd!


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